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14 hours ago
If you're not familiar with @TheHPAlliance - they turn fans into heroes by fighting for equality.… Pretty sweet right?
14 hours ago
Get A Very Potter PREQUEL from #EqualityFTW! Purchase enters you for a chance to win a pillow I signed!… @TeamStarKid
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@moriparty @daisyblainers @HelloLynne4Ever @BrighidsForge omg but what were they like though please I have to know!!! Is it nice in LA??! 😛😍
5 days ago
@benjpasek @MiaVonGlitz you look tired.
1 week ago
How is @WALKTHEMOONband not one of the biggest bands in the world? #ShutUpAndDance should be a #1 single right now.…

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Darren and his brother Chuck covering Bob Dylan's NEW MORNING
Darren performing Do Ya Think I'm Sexy at the ASCAP Pop Awards
Darren performing his original song "Not Alone" at TREVOR LIVE




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Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan

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